Different Ways to Track Employee Time and Attendance


Attendance and leave management of employees is one of the most crucial HR tasks for accurately processing payroll, scheduling shifts, and monitoring employee movement. An efficient time and attendance system can control costs significantly.

There are different ways of tracking employee time and attendance:

Attendance Register

This is a traditional (almost outdated) method that enables employees to enter their name and check-in and check-out time manually.


  • It is a budget-friendly attendance system if the number of employees is less than 7-10.


  • It involves tedious manual calculations, making it a major administrative burden


A spreadsheet is a computerised version of a manual attendance register. Many organisations use MS Excel or Google Sheets for attendance.


  • It is easy to use due to auto-calculation features.

  • It can give visual data for analysis.


  • It is prone to human errors and file corruption.

  • It is unsuitable for organisations with a large workforce.

Card Swiping

Some organisations provide magnetic stripe cards to employees for time and attendance tracking. The employees have to swipe this card on a special machine. The machine transfers the data from the card to a central computer automatically. Nowadays, many organisations use QR codes for employee identification through cards.


  • It accurately records employee time and attendance.


  • Employees can forget to carry the card to the office.

  • The card can be broken, misplaced or stolen.

Biometric Devices

Biometric devices are another commonly used system for tracking employee time and attendance. Employees can record check-in and check-out times by scanning their iris/retina, face, fingerprints or palm prints.


  • These devices prevent data and security breaches related to employee information.


  • There is a possibility of hardware malfunction.

  • They have installation and maintenance costs.

Mobile and GPS System

The mobile and GPS-enabled attendance management software is a cutting-edge system to monitor employees’ work hours. It is especially becoming an indispensable method in organisations which operate in a hybrid work environment or have a significant number of on-field employees on the payroll.

The mobile and GPS system also overcomes the drawbacks associated with manual attendance registers, spreadsheets, card swiping and biometric devices.

CDP India’s Employee Attendance System (EAS) deploys mobile and GPS functionalities. Here are some benefits of the EAS mobile app that can make employee time and attendance management hassle-free for your organisation:

Selfie Attendance
Your employees can simply take a selfie on their smartphone. The advanced AI-based face recognition on EAS will record their attendance and location coordinates.

On-Field Staff Tracking
The geo-tagging traces feature of the app traces the location and records the route of on-field employees. The geo-fencing feature enables you to define a fixed perimeter up to which the attendance log-in is allowed.

Seamless Leave Management
The EAS app can help you effortlessly track work hours, attendance and leaves of on-site and remote employees through real-time dashboards.

EAS is a fully automated, contactless and hardware-less employee time and attendance tracker.

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