How to Manage a Hybrid Workforce with People Management Software


According to HP’s Global Study, Indian employees have a strong preference for a hybrid work model for two reasons. It enhances their productivity and provides a better work-life balance. Another survey by HR solutions company Aon reflects a similar sentiment. There is no doubt that hybrid workplaces are here to stay.

Unfortunately, distributed workforce presents challenges for organisations such as new employee onboarding, communication, collaboration etc. Employee attendance system has also emerged as a major issue in the hybrid work model. For instance,

  • Flexible work hours and different work locations has made the attendance, scheduling and leave patterns unpredictable.
  • Conventional attendance management systems such as spreadsheets, card swipes and biometric devices no longer are useful for remote, off-site or field employees. Spreadsheets can’t handle large volumes of attendance data while card swipes and biometric devices require the employees to be present in person at the office.

In such a scenario, people management software is an ideal solution to overcome these drawbacks.

CDP India’s Employee Attendance System (EAS) is among the most effective people management software. EAS is a fully-automated mobile attendance system which allows employees to record their attendance or timesheet from their smartphones or the web.

Let’s look at the ways EAS can make attendance management seamless for your employees:

Attendance from a Mobile App

Your employees can click a selfie on the EAS app to mark their attendance anytime from anywhere. The app has a highly sophisticated AI-powered face recognition feature that will identify their face and also capture their location coordinates.

Field Staff Attendance Tracking

Field staff such as those in sales and marketing often work off hours, depending on customer appointments. So, they may not be able to report to the office at a fixed time, especially if they are working from a different location than the physical office. As a result, their attendance goes unmarked or as ‘absent’ on some days.

EAS attendance tracker for employees addresses this problem through geo-tagging and geo-fencing features. Geo-tagging tracks their location and route. Geo-fencing allows you to restrict an area within which field staff can record their attendance.

Effortless Leave Management

Leave application often involves a complicated and time-consuming process. It is a big hassle for remote employees who work in different time zones. EAS app makes the leave management process simple. The employees have to just fill in a short form and it automatically goes for approval to their manager. The automated leave management system also enables the organisation to track leaves and absenteeism efficiently.

EAS people management software can improve employee engagement and reduce no-show incidents by giving them the flexibility to record their attendance, irrespective of their location or time zone.

However, no software can replace the human touch which is a much-needed factor for a hybrid workforce. Hence, you need to trust your team and stop micromanaging their attendance and time.

Get in touch with us to understand how EAS can help you manage the hybrid workforce.

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