Mobile Applications for Time and Attendance Management and its Benefits

Time and Attendance Management

In an age that is defined by a delicate balancing act between technology and human resources, it is pivotal to discern which processes to automate and which to allocate to your workforce. With the advent of online attendance management systems in India, it has become easier to deploy the multiple features of artificial intelligence into tasks that have traditionally been defined by an extensive human interface. The automated employee attendance management system in India is still relatively nascent. With an increasing number of businesses understanding the advantages of such solutions, their scope is on an upward trajectory. There are several benefits of automated time and attendance management systems with in-built facial recognition attendance systems in India including ease of use, record keeping on the cloud, flexibility, a high degree of accuracy, and instant access.

CDP India’s Online Attendance Management System in India
At CDP India, we understand the significance of the efficient management of an organisation’s most critical asset – human resources. With a whole host of tasks associated with tracking employees, a significant amount of time and effort can end up getting wasted. This time and effort can be better directed towards tasks that add value to the organisation. You can opt for our Employee Attendance Management System in India and enjoy the following benefits:

Flexible Check-ins and Check-outs
Once you install our online attendance management systems in India in your organisation, your employees can check in and check out using mobile devices or the Internet. The flexibility of a web or mobile attendance system can help increase employee engagement and accurate attendance.

Facial Recognition-based Attendance
Our facial recognition attendance system in India has little room for any kind of error or mismanagement. The attendance of each employee is recorded through a facial scan. Once the attendance has been successfully recorded, the concerned employee receives an SMS alert to that effect.

Geo-Tagging and Geo-Fencing
We live in a time where hybrid workforces are the norm. With employees on the go for meetings, it can be tricky to record their attendance. With our online attendance management system in India, you can use Geo-Tagging to trace the location of your employees. Furthermore, the feature of Geo-Fencing enables you to restrict the perimeter within which attendance can be recorded.

Timely Notifications
The availability of timely information is critical to the success of any organisation. Keeping this in mind, we have incorporated the feature of notifications and alerts into our employee attendance management system in India. Whether there is an emergency evacuation required in the office premises or other important information is to be relayed, our EAS can prove to be an extremely handy tool.

Streamlined Analytics
With the adoption of our employee attendance management solution with an in-built facial recognition attendance system in India, you can monitor the precise check-in and check-out time for each employee as well as their leave records. The tool can generate analytics and reports, which can help with leave management as well as payroll processing.

Streamline Your Organisation’s Attendance Management Now
With the myriad of benefits offered by our employee attendance management system in India, you can reduce the time, cost, and human effort required for attendance recording and leave management in your organisation. Choose our Attendance Management Solution now.

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