Frequently Asked Questions

CDP EAS is a fully featured Employee Attendance Management Solution for Businesses of all sizes.

Employee attendance software is a digital system that automates the process of tracking employee work hours. It allows employees to clock in and out, track breaks and overtime, and request time off. The software then generates reports that can be used for payroll, scheduling, and other HR purposes.

There are many benefits to using employee attendance software, including:

  • Improved accuracy and timeliness of attendance data
  • Reduced administrative burden for HR staff
  • Increased accountability for employees
  • Easier payroll processing
  • Improved visibility into employee work patterns

The features you need will depend on your specific business needs, but some common features to consider include:

  • Clock in/out methods (fingerprint, facial recognition, PIN, etc.)
  • Break and overtime tracking
  • GPS tracking for remote workers
  • Time off request and approval
  • Attendance reporting
  • Payroll integration
  • Mobile access

Many employee attendance software solutions integrate with popular payroll systems. This allows for automatic transfer of attendance data for accurate payroll processing.

The cost of employee attendance software can vary depending on the features offered, the number of employees you need to track, and the customisation you choose. However, EAS is SaaS based solution so you pay as you use.

Employees can clock in and out using a facial recognition method, via mobile app

Yes, EAS App offers GPS tracking for remote workers and field force management.

Yes, EAS App allows employee to submit time-off requests via mobile app. This can streamline the approval process and improve communication between employees and managers.

EAS App take steps to protect employee privacy. This includes data encryption, access controls, and user permissions.

Employee attendance data is stored securely in the software. EAS App uses data encryption and other security measures to protect your data from unauthorized access.

No.  Typically, employees can only see their own attendance data and may not have access to see the data of their colleagues.

Yes, EAS App is designed to be user-friendly for employees with basic levels of technical expertise.

EAS App is available for IOS and Android devices via App Store and Play Store respectively.

You contact our sales team at +91 8657864216 or to request for a demo or a free trial.

EAS Apps offer additional functionalities like task management, expense tracking, or communication tools.

This depends on the app’s capabilities. Some features may require an internet connection.

The EAS App is an employee attendance software designed to streamline your attendance tracking process.

The EAS App offers benefits like improved accuracy, reduced manual work, real-time data, and easier reporting. It also includes timely attendance tracking, reduced administrative work, improved productivity, and better compliance with labor laws.

Yes, the EAS App prioritizes data security with encryption and access controls.

Download the EAS App from the app store for iOS or Google Play Store for Android using your organization’s provided access code.

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