Why EAS app is more convenient than installing Attendance Machines?


Before the evolution of technology, organizations deployed manual employee attendance systems such as a register or MS Excel. Gradually, organizations began to use time cards that employees could swipe on or in front of a machine. Biometric machines brought a major technological transition as employees could clock in and out their attendance by scanning their fingerprints, retina, or face.

While there is no doubt that attendance machines have eased out the check-in and check-out process for both organizations and employees, they have a fair share of disadvantages. Let’s understand how.

1. Cost and Space Issues in Installation

Attendance machines are expensive due to hardware, installation, and maintenance costs. Moreover, these machines need a dedicated space for installation. Hence, cost and space are major constraints, especially if you have to install these machines across various office locations or store outlets.

2. Breach of Privacy

Employees’ biometric data is vulnerable to cyber theft or fraud. You need highly sophisticated data protection technology to safeguard employee data, which again adds to the cost of an employee attendance management system.

3. Prone to Errors

The attendance machine can show errors or break down due to hardware malfunction or heavy usage. The attendance process can come to a halt till the issue is resolved, which could take days.

4. Limitations for Physically-Challenged People

Machine-based attendance trackers for employees can pose challenges for people who have lost or damaged physical parts. They may not be able to record attendance manually, swipe time cards, or scan their fingers/retina/face for accuracy.

5. Unhygienic

Most attendance machines require human contact. They have proven to be ineffective during the COVID-19 period. Employees now expect a safe and contactless attendance process from organizations.

6. Lack of Flexibility

Attendance machines require the physical presence of employees. This mechanism is no longer suitable for remote, field, or work-from-home workforce. Bid Adieu to Attendance Machines, Introducing Mobile Attendance System

Our Employee Attendance Solution (EAS) is a contactless, hardware-less, and automated online attendance management system in India. It enables your employees to check in and check out their attendance from a mobile phone or the web, irrespective of their work location. It saves you ample time, cost, and effort in managing employee attendance and leaves.

Here are some good reasons why you should replace your attendance machines with EAS

  • As Easy as Clicking a Selfie
    Your employees simply have to click a selfie on EAS mobile app to check-in. The AI-based facial recognition software in the app will record both their attendance and location coordinates.
    No need to install any attendance machine! All your employees need is a mobile phone.
  • Flexibility for Field Staff
    EAS app has a geo-tagging feature that traces the location and records the route of field staff. The geo-fencing feature helps you to set a definite perimeter up to which field staff can log in attendance.
    No need to bother your employees to give a minute-by-minute account of their time!
  • Seamless Leave Management
    EAS app allows you to manage employee leaves effortlessly for both onsite and remote workforce. You can identify absenteeism patterns and take preventive measures to reduce them.

No need to worry about payroll errors!

Get in touch with us to install the EAS app for your organization.

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