Geo-Tagging and Geo-Fencing Are Effective Approaches To Attract Customers


In an age which is defined by a glut of information and choices at the disposal of customers, it has become difficult for businesses to target potential customers likely to select the brand. It is, therefore, increasingly important to identify the customers through the approach of location-based marketing. Amongst the popular techniques of this type of marketing are Geo-Fencing and Geo Tagging.

What Is Geo-Tagging and How Does It Work?
Geo Tagging is, as the name suggests, a technology that revolves around attaching a geographical tag or imprint to an image, video, social media post, etc. When you click a picture on your phone with the location feature on, a geotag automatically gets affixed to the image.

Similarly, when you go to a restaurant and check in on any social media platform with a geotag, the precise location coordinates become a part of the post. Not only is Geo-Tagging an excellent way of engaging existing customers, but it is also an effective tool for marketing and attracting new customers.

What Is Geo-Fencing And How Does It Work?
Geo-Fencing is a technology through which a geographical boundary or geo-fence can be digitally drawn around a specific location. Geo-fencing technology can be effectively applied to attract and target customers in a specific location. Geo-Fencing has emerged as one of the prominent approaches to localised marketing.

The Application of Geo-Fencing and Geo-Tagging in Marketing
It is no secret that the approaches to marketing have been gradually evolving and keeping up with the shifts in the patterns of content consumption by consumers and their impact on sales. As such, geo-targeting, a technology which employs both geo-fencing and geo-tagging, is being adopted to enable businesses to use online channels for positioning their offerings and targeting prospective customers.

Not only does geo-targeting strengthen an organisation’s online footprint and capacity to generate impressions, but it also allows businesses to provide relevant information to customers who are actually within the applicable geo fence at a particular point in time.

According to studies, 90% of marketers are of the opinion that location-based marketing leads to better sales and customer engagement. By way of geo-targeting, businesses can easily leverage technology and their online presence to showcase their availability to potential customers.

If you are in a particular area and looking for a new restaurant to dine at, you are likely to run an Internet search. The first few results that pop up on the search engine are the most likely candidates for your final choice. Hence businesses are focusing on strengthening their online presence and their Google My Business profiles.

In a similar vein, organisations are also applying push and pull notifications for location-based marketing and attracting customers to specific events or locations. Other areas of application for geo-tagging and geo-fencing technology are social media marketing, lead segmentation, and email marketing.

The Final Word
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