Benefits of Facial Recognition Attendance System in 2021


From monetary transactions to education, everything has become contactless in the modern era. Be it transferring money to someone or buying something for your home, things are done without any physical contact. So, don’t you think the same advanced zero-touch technology should be used in attendance management as well? There are numerous benefits of the attendance management system. From saving time to making things convenient, automated attendance systems have come a long way. Speaking of its newest version that is The Facial Recognition technology, it has made marking attendance easier than ever. The employees can enter their daily attendance on the go. All you have to do is enter the biometric details of your employees and the system is ready to use. Now, let’s look at the key benefits of installing Facial Recognition Attendance Management System:

Time Saving
Beginning with the most effective and important benefit i.e. saving time. As successful people say ‘saving time = saving money, it’s true since saving time at a workplace can boost productivity. Let us explain how: Imagine one of your employees arrives at the office in the morning, what’s the first thing that he does? Mark his attendance right? And when he goes to enter his attendance, he sees a queue of people waiting for their turns. Don’t you think it will cost him a few important minutes? The same time he could have invested in work. Well, if you have a facial recognition system this entire hassle can be avoided and your employees can head straight to work in no time.

High security
Not only these systems are quick, but they are also highly advanced when it comes to security. The face recognition camera attendance system comes with numerous features such as Imposter violation, location tagging, and facial suspicion. In simpler terms, if the system detects anything suspicious or an unidentified face, it sends an alert to the authorized people. This eliminates the risk of theft or accidents from the workplace. Apart from that, these systems can even detect multiple faces together.

Easy time tracking
Entering attendance manually is not always accurate. People don’t remember the exact minute they arrived or left so having precise numbers is a challenge. However, if you switch to a face recognition attendance system then it records the exact time and location of your entry and exit. All you have to do is ask your employees to click a selfie from their attendance app. Your attendance is recorded without any hassle.

If you have an automated system set at your workplace, you need not allot a dedicated person to look after the comings and goings of your workforce. Everything is computerized and once the system is installed, it works effortlessly without anyone’s dependency. This way, not only you save time but also save resources and your productivity and be at the top. In addition, the department working to manage the employees i.e. Human Resources can be at ease and focus on other duties.

Easy to manage
Managing a person’s daily activities, entry time, exit time is tough. Managing the same thing for hundreds of people is even more difficult. Imagine if someone asked you about an employee’s attendance details from the past month. It will take you some time to go back and forth to get those details. But not with automatic attendance management. You can scroll back and retrieve details of any employee, anytime with just a few clicks

Other benefits
It also provides solution checks for face liveliness and avoids the risk of face authentication happening through static photos or running videos. It also offers customizable workflows and analytics for anomaly detection and reporting.

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